there's no cure for being a cunt: petyr x sansa


The summer air was still apparent in King’s Landing, but Sansa never felt it. What once she thought was a beautiful place— a place that was similar to the songs she had been hearing since she was a girl at Winterfell— turned into a nightmare. Joffrey had promised to be just, her husband-to-be, but…

Dear Elizabeth Windsor,

I’ll try to fit this into one decent paragraph. It’ll be a struggle considering I have to fit 3 years worth of friendship into a box. We met on Club Penguin probably one of the lamest games ever, but it was part of m child-hood. If my calculations are correct, I was about 8 years old. I knew from the start we’d be great friends. You even got me a plush code when I wanted the bunny slippers to fit in with our friends. Even though you played sports during your middle-school years you made time for me on YouTube. We’d chat on MSN & AIM. It’s shocking to me how many friends we’ve lost. I mean they all ended up leaving, because they didn’t have a best-friend that cared about them. I can’t even put it into words how much you mean to me. When I see I have a new inbox from you my heart instantly rises. It doesn’t even matter if it says “ok”. The simplistic things you say make me happy. Being around you makes me stronger. Being able to share all the things I can’t tell my sister is the greatest thing. The fact that we’re so comfortable with each other, and we can talk about anything and laugh it off. I don’t think bad of you for liking someone online. From my perspective, it doesn’t where or how you meet someone. You’re like my bigger sister, and I honestly truly wish that one day we can meet. I don’t say this as something that will fade as we get older, but I want us to maintain that goal of meeting each other. It wouldn’t even matter if we spent  1 hour together, I’d cherish that moment greatly. You were part of me when I was a child, and as the years went by our friendship grew and thickened. No boy, bella, or anyone can break us up. Through our experiences we’ve learned that our friendship is important. I hope you’re not tearing up or anything, because I mean this all from my heart. My friends may think I’m pathetic for having an “online” best friend, but you’re not a robot to me. You’re legit my other half. I mean that. When I get home I rush and eat, because I know that even if I’ve had the worst day of my life when I come online it can only get better. We have similar taste, and you’re the most gorgeous flawless absolutely stunning blue-eyed brunette I know. Don’t let anyone otherwise. I love you so much it’s unrealistic. I don’t know what to say, because it all sound so cliche but our friendship is amazing. There’s not a day where I don’t say “well what would Elibee do?”. You’re so amazing, your personality is out of this world. I don’t care if you’re wild, because you’re perfect. I love you honeyboo, and I bet you want me to tell you the Ian story so I’ll end it here. Have a great night, and if you ever have a bad day and I’m no able to be there just read this over again. Because, my feelings will never change.


Angelica Camacho

Polargil, Polar 

When someone keeps annoying you,


First it’s like,

“Stop it please”

Then you’re like,

“I’m serious, stop!”

After you’re like,

Wanna LAUGH OUT LOUD?! Follow this blog.

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Being sick sucks. Majorly.

Oh well time to google more walking dead shit and hot guys, ;D


John Bernthal is married. So sad. It takes so much fun out of having a hollywood crush.

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"Wild Heart"


obsessed with this song right now

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Sweet And Sour Chicken= Feast of the Gods